serra akcan 

Graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics 1996, she attended Professional Photography Program in Boston New England School of Photography between 1997-1999.  She works as a freelance photographer in Istanbul since 1999 and produces photography, multimedia and video projects mostly in and around Turkey. She is co-founder of NarPhotos, an independent photo collective in Istanbul focusing on visual stories as Women Rights, Urban Transformation, Religious and Ethnic Minorities, Subcultures, Human Rights, Migration, Environmental Issues, Political Movements, Social and Daily Life. Besides producing visual work she also coordinates photography workshops with women, children and the young ones mainly to share experience, knowledge and keep up with the young generation. 


National: National Geographic, GEO, SkyLife, Ulusoy Traveler, Posta, Express, Bianet, Hürriyet

nternational: Time, The Independent, Monocle, The Times, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Focus, Financial Times, Le Monde, , The National, Bloomberg, GEO, Travel+Leisure ; Time, The Guardian, Financial Times, Der Tages Spiegel, 11 Freunde, New 

York Times

Foundations & NGO’s

KADAV, Yuva, Goethe Institute, Amnesty International, Konak Municipality - Izmir,  

Coordinated Workshops

2018 - Photography with the Children of  Karagumruk in collaboration with Sulukule Voluntary Association

2017  - Visual Storytelling Workshop IV, Istanbul

2016 – Children Photographers Workshop,  Izmir  in collaboration  with Konak Municipality

2016 - Bridging Stories with the young photographers from Armenia&Turkey in collaboration  with Storytellers Cafe

2015 - Visual Storytelling Workshop III, Istanbul

2013 –  NarPhotos Visual Storytelling Workshop II, Istanbul

2012 - Photography Workshop  with The Children after Earthquake in Van

2012 – NarPhotos Visual Storytelling Workshop I, Iznik

2011 – Basic Photography Workshop with Women from AMARGI 

2010 - Photographing Our Lives  Workshop at Tatvan Mizgin Festival

2009 – Workshop with Women at Nusaybin City Festival

2008 – Photography Workshop  with Children of Sulukule during Urban Transformation 

2005 – NarPhotos Photo-reportage Workshop  with Young Photographers

Group Exhibitions

2019 - Symposium: The Importance of Arts and Humanities in Global Peace and Justice Work -     Storytelling through the Lens of the NarPhotos Collective, Framingham State University,     Massachusetts/USA

2019 - Exhibition: 5th Edition Eyes on Main Street, Wilson/North Carolina

2019 -Exhibition: CLOSE TO HOME, Eyes on Main Street - artist in residence, Wilson/North     Carolina

2018 -Exhibition: 4th Edition Eyes on Main Street, Wilson/North Carolina

2017 –Moments From Turkey, Berlin

2015 Political Art and Resistance Berlin

2015 – Glazed Time, NarPhotos & 4Plus collaboration

2014 – On The Road – 10 years of Turkey from NarPhotos Archive/ İstanbul Modern 

2014 – Mobilizing Memory: Women Witnessing, Women Photographers of the Collective

2013 – Gezi / The Beginning – DEPO 

2013-  Million Dollar View – DEPO 

2011- NarPhotos Fragments from Istanbul  – Turkey Week in France

2009-2010 – We are Insistent on Peace, Women Photographers of the Collective

2007 - Women Through the Eyes of Women, Women Photographers of the Collective

2006 – Merhabarev, Yerevan-Istanbul Patkerphotos&NarPhotos Collaboration / Karşı Sanat  

2006  - For Women By Women: Photo Exhibition and Auction, Women Photographers of the Collective

2004 – Turkey at Doorstep of EU  

2004 – NarPhotos Reportages  - Istanbul International Independent Media Forum